Best Hair Transplant Clinics in London

7 min readJan 11, 2021

Today, around 50 and 60 percent of women and men in the world respectively are said to suffer from hair loss. In turn, it has become increasingly important for measures to handle this issue. One prominent way is through a medical procedure called hair transplant.

Hair transplant is the act of rejuvenating a part of the body, usually the head suffering from hair loss. This is usually from other body parts or from a donor. The part of the head in question may be thinning, getting bald, or lost due to an accident or injury to one’s head. The majority of those often affected by this incidence are those aging. However, a large number of people also experience hair loss at an early age.

As expected of every medical procedure, a competent medical professional becomes vital. However, beyond the medical professional performing the procedure, there is also the need for state-of-the-art technology to get the best results. This is why getting the best clinic continues to receive increasing attention.

Regardless, this can be quite tricky. If you are in London, you might just be in a bind trying to get the best hair transplant clinic in London. Well, not anymore because we have got you covered. In this article, we will bring you a list of the best hair transplant clinics in London. This way, you can get the best experience during a hair transplant.

Getting a Hair Transplant

Getting a hair transplant is a medical procedure that the doctor can perform through two means. Precisely, that is through Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) or through another method called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Here is what you need to know about them.

1. Follicular Unit Transplantation

In this case, the surgeon removes a piece of the patient’s scalp, stitches get used to close the area where it got removed from, and the scalp’s strips get separated into smaller pieces. Afterward, small holes get made into the part of the head where hairs are to get transplanted with a needle or blade. Eventually, hairs get grafted into the holes, and the affected part gets covered with a bandage.

2. Follicular Unit Extraction

Hairs get shaved from an area of the head, individual follicles get removed from the scalp skin, and small holes are made in the concerned part and grafted with the hair follicles. Lastly, the concerned part then gets covered with a bandage.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics in London

There is no doubt that a competent surgeon and a well-equipped clinic are needed when hair transplantation is getting carried out. So, if you are in London, what clinics can you trust for the best experience? Well, here are some that should meet your needs.

1. CapilClinic

Capilclinic has experienced professionals and surgeons with modern technology in the area of hair transplantation. The reputation of the clinic is centered around the renowned Dr. Manish Mittal. Dr. Manish Mittal is a specialist and surgeon in the FUE technique.

Other surgeons alongside Dr. Manish Mittal boast of over a decade of experience and professionalism. The clinic also runs a cheaper cost compared to other hair transplant clinics in London. Other transplantation services include eyebrow and eyelashes.

The clinic is located at 130 Harley Street, London, W1G 7JU.

2. DHI Global (Direct Hair Transplant)

DHI has 75 centers all over the world. They boast of 50 years of experience and have effectively treated over 250,000 patients they have attended to. DHI has the largest and most experienced doctors and professionals, not only in London but also in the world.

DHI services include hair transplant, hair loss treatment, hair prostheses, hair loss diagnosis, Scalp Micro-Pigmentation, Beard Restoration, and Eyebrow Restoration. Hair implantation at DHI clinics in London costs as much as $10 000. The exact cost depends on the stage of hair loss and the patients’ expectations.

DHI is located at 43 New Cavendish St. London W1G 9TH, United Kingdom.

3. The D’Souza Clinic

The D’Souza Clinic is a surgeon led clinic that claims to have treated hundreds of patients effectively. The clinic is located in the popular Harley Street, and they offer the two transplant procedures stated above. Patients’ operation in this clinic depends majorly on Dr. Christopher D’Souza, who is the Medical Director and a renowned hair transplant surgeon.

The doctor is always with the patient during all the processes, including post-operation. The reputation of the D’Souza depends largely on the success of the surgeon. The specific fee for hair transplants at D’Souza depends on the number of grafts needed by the patient and the stage of the hair loss. D’Souza also offers no surgical treatments for patients that their conditions do not warrant a transplant.

4. The Private Clinic

The clinic boasts of 35 years of services and has treated several cases. The clinic boasts of being the best clinic group in the UK and a Trust Pilot of 5 stars. They possess award-winning treatment plans for hair loss.

The clinic claims to have deep experience in treating baldness with no linear scar, minimally invasive, and no stitches techniques. The clinic’s treatments and services include FUE Hair Transplants, Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery, and Varicose Veins Laser treatments, among others. The flagship clinic is located at 98 Harley Street, London, W1G 7HZ.

5. Westminster Clinic

The clinic was established some 23 years ago. Westminster Clinic places a lot of emphasis on providing the best services and not the financial implication. The services might not be cheap, but you will get the best worth of your money.

The clinic offers hair transplant, grafts of follicle units (up to 6000 hairs), FUE, improvement of scars, plug repair, eyelash and eyelashes hair transplant, and general trichological advice, among others. Various patients have testified of the good warm, friendly service delivery in the clinic and the surgeons’ calmness. The cost of a hair transplant depends on the number of needed grafts.

6. Harley Street Healthcare (Health Transplant Clinic)

The clinics are located in Harley Street, London’s premier medical district, Birmingham’s Victoria Square, King Street in Manchester, Milton Keynes, and Sheffield. The clinic claims to have over 30 years of experience and many successfully treated cases.

This clinic offers free consultation services to patients that book appointments. They majorly make use of the FUE hair transplant method. Also, the FUT method gets used as well in many instances.

All the surgeons are hair transplant specialists with many years of experience, and many with over 1000 surgeries carried out. They also carry out beard and eyebrows transplantation and restoration. The price of a hair transplant depends on the grafting.

7. Elite Hair Restoration

The clinic was established ten years ago and has strived to be among the leading hair transplant clinics in London. EHR operates a friendly price scheme. Hair transplant costs around $2 per graft, and the exact price would depend on the hair loss stage.

More so, they have established themselves in giving more non-surgical solutions to hair loss. EHR gives their patients financial packages from 6 months to 5 years to allow them to pay conveniently. A Patient Advocate is often attached to every patient from the beginning of their transplantation processes to the end.

They also carry further checkups afterward. So far, Elite Hair Restoration has performed over 2000 hair transplants and implanted a figure of around 3,500,000 hair follicles. Elite Hair Restoration has its clinics nationwide and near the people.

8. Fortes Hair and Skin Clinic

Fortes Hair and Skin Clinic is one of the best hair transplant clinics in London. The head, Dr. Saaed, has an expert reputation in the whole of the United Kingdom. They offer one of the best surgical and non-surgical treatments to their patients.

They have treated different patients across the world and not only in the United Kingdom. Forte Hair and Skin Clinic is located in Hammersmith 36 North End Road, London. W14 0SH.

9. Hair Science Clinic

Hair Science Clinic goes with the claim of being the world’s leader in hair transplantation. The clinic has a Hair Science Institute that has been an authority on hair science issues for the past 25 years. This allows them to carry out different research that informs their professionals on the right approaches and techniques to use when dealing with patients.

The clinic also has a Hair Science Academy where people are trained and taught in hair science and transplantation. The head of the Hair Science Clinic is Dr. Coen Gho. The clinic works more on the Stem Cells of the Hair.

10. Landmark Clinic

This is another leading hair transplantation clinic in London. They performed treatment for an Ex-England Cricket Captain, Adam Hollioake. Also, Andy Goode, an Ex-England Rugby Union Player, had his hair transplantation from Landmark Clinic. Hair transplantation prices depend on the number of grafts to be in use.

Final Thoughts

With the present level of hair loss in London, many people need to make inquiries on where they need to go when in need of a hair transplant. No doubt, it can be hard to find the best clinics by yourself. Well, with our list, things become much easier. We have provided a list of the best clinics. So, go on and choose the one for the best experience.




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