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hair transplant in Turkey

There cannot be hair transplants without the use of hair grafts. Hair grafts are the strips of skin that contain strands of hair. This is essential to the hair transplant process because it is the grafts that are transferred from one region of the head to the region, whether there is a shortage of hair. This means that it is crucial to consider how good a clinic is with hair grafts when you want to get your hair transplant. Various clinics offer hair transplant services. However, not all of them can offer you excellent services.

People get hair transplants for various reasons. Some people do not like to see their hair recede, especially if they can do something about it. Others fall within the “celebrity” category, and their hair is a huge part of their appearance and appeal. When they see that something is causing their hairline to recede, they opt for hair transplant sessions. More so, these celebrities can afford to have a hair transplant since they have the money.

In Turkey today, there are various clinics offering hair transplant services. The growth in the number of clinics offering this service has to do with the fact that several people are opting for that option in recent times. Hair transplant is a procedure that had been in existence for a long period. However, due to certainly failed sessions in times past, people started becoming careful about hair transplant.

But there have been several developments and the introduction of more sustainable and expert procedures. Therefore, if you want to get your hair transplant, you need to know the best hair graft clinics around you. If you’re in Turkey, there are a few places that should be on your radar. Knowing this allows you to make more informed decisions and get the value for the money you spend.

Why You Might Need A Hair Transplant

Different things could cause you to need a hair transplant. Sometimes, as a result of old age, you might begin to experience some form of shortage of hair in certain parts of your head. It could also be that your hairline starts to recede and refuses to grow as it should. Other times, this could be a result of genetics. Some people do not even have to grow so old before they start witnessing hair loss or hair thinning. Several cases abound in this regard where people had to get a hair transplant at a young age.

Irrespective, when you begin to witness hair thinning or hair loss, this means that your hair needs some form of treatment. There are different ways you could go about this. For some, they make use of hair treatment creams to attempt to address the issue. However, the most effective way to get hair back to a region where hair is inadequate is to get a hair transplant.

This process transfers hair grafts from other parts of your head to the part that needs hair. It takes a few sessions before the entire procedure is done, but this process is effective and delivers results more quickly than others.

It is a bit on the expensive side. But this is because of the procedures involved, the expertise required, and the instruments used. Any surgeon cannot just wake up and say they want to begin hair transplant treatments. The hair transplant procedure requires expertise from the person who wants to offer the service.

This accounts for why top-class clinics and clinics that have surgeons with years of experience are the clinics that offer the service. In fact, some of the surgeons from these clinics are responsible for the development of some methodologies in the hair transplant field.

Why Turkish Hair Graft Clinics Are Preferred

Millions of people travel to Turkey yearly to have their hair transplants. This is because the services in Turkey are expert services while being cheap. So many clinics in Turkey offer hair transplant services at a cheap rate. This makes for the reasons why several people come to Turkey to get their hair transplants. Irrespective of these services’ affordability, the clinics make use of top methodologies and procedures to get the hair transplant done. Some of the reasons why Turkey is preserved are as follows.

Firstly, the health sector in Turkey receives an impressive level of subsidy from the government. This makes the services more affordable, and as such, the clinics are able to offer top services at cheap rates. Turkey invests a lot in health tourism since the country has figured that there is a market in the health tourism sector. This has been a key factor driving the upsurge in the number of people that come to Turkey to get hair transplant services.

Furthermore, there has been a huge private investment in the health sector, which has skyrocketed facilities in the health sector. With these investments, not only are facilities present, but top talents have also been attracted to the sector. This way, top surgeons are what you will find in the clinics, thereby making these clinics adequate in the provision of hair graft services that leave patients happy.

As a result of this, there have been several clinics offering excellent services. This has caused the price of the service to adjust. Since many people are offering it, competition has risen, and there is a need to attract clients, thereby causing Turkey to be a fair marketplace for pricing and excellent services.

More so, another reason accounting for the affordable pricing is that the general expenses that Turkish clinics incur are not as much as what other clinics in some other top places like the UK incur. This is owing to fair electricity, water, and rent prices in Turkey. As a result of this, there is a direct correlation between the cheaper expenses incurred by the clinics and the affordability of their prices. You can then see why Turkey is one of the capitals for hair graft services across the world. Below are the best clinics in Turkey that you should look out for.

Best Hair Graft Clinics In Turkey

Here are some of the best hair graft clinics in Turkey that will offer excellent services and much affordable than what you’ll get in Europe.


This is the best hair graft clinic in Turkey. The clinic is rated with a five-star due to the excellence in its services and the great reviews from clients. The clinic has worked on bald spots and offered excellent services to clients who had extreme hair loss. Located in Istanbul, if you are looking for a clinic where you can get the best hair graft services, this is the right place.

Dr Serdar Gokrem Clinic

Ranking the clinics from the fifth position, Dr. Serdar Clinic is one of the best clinics that offer quality hair graft services. Dr. Serdar is excellent in using the FUE methodology and is one of the best specialists in hair transplant services. The clinic is one of the largest, providing excellent services concerning different hair treatments.

However, you must note that some other clinics have more experience than this clinic. Some are larger, while others have much experience.

Ahmed Clinic

This is one of Turkey’s best clinics, with several impressive reviews from clients who have had successful hair treatment services. The clinic has Dr. Koray Erdogan, one of the best specialists in hair transplant, particularly hair graft services. The clinic is where several people get what they refer to as the “mega session” where over 2500 hair grafts can be executed and implanted in just a session.

This is one of the best clinics for those who want to address alopecia issues of all sorts. It is also one of the most excellent and offers a wide range of services to clients. The clinic is reputable for offering hair graft sessions where a huge part of the scalp can be covered in one session.

Dr Mutallip Kerser Clinic

This clinic is one of the best clinics that have excellent and modern facilities. The clinic prioritizes getting all modern instruments needed to have successful procedures. In this modern clinic, you can get a wide range of hair treatment services that will restore your hair and glow.

Dr. Kerser is reputable for his deft understanding of hair transplant such that he can work on extreme hair loss and get hair back to the head. By using some of the latest techniques in the market, the clinic can address hair graft issues and the density of hair follicles.

Dr. Tayfun Clinic

Dr. Tayfun is known as one of the foremost practitioners in the hair transplant field. He is a pioneer of Turkey’s service and is reputable for using some of the best techniques in the market. He is reputable for being the major promoter of the motorized FUE technique. If you are looking for a place to get the most advanced hair services in the country, this is a place you want to visit.

Final Thoughts

It is essential that you know the best places to get your hair graft services in Turkey so that you can make informed choices. This is crucial to ensuring that you get the value for your money.




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